Hatteras Island Fishing Reports

Here is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banks Fishing Report for Hatteras Island.

Today was on the cloudy side.  We had light north winds, blowing around 5 mph and the temperatures were in the lower 50’s.

It’s been a good day of fishing.  Today was the last day for the Avon Pier to be open and this morning they caught around 8 big drum.  Pictured below is Tater with a nice one, check out that smile 🙂  There were also some puppy drum and trout in Avon.  Buxton had reports of black drum and puppy drum around the jetties.  Frisco had some bluefish, black drum and sea mullet.  There were some blow toads and trout around the Pier.


There was no inshore report today.  The offshore report for today is some king mackerel and blackfin tuna.  The commercial boats are catching king mackerel as well.

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2016-2017 NC Hunting Season is here.  Click on the highlighted link to see the seasons and limits for Big Game, Small Game, Dove, Waterfowl and Webless Migratory Game Birds.
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ORV Ramp Update

Yesterday Ramp 44 was opened to ORV use, however there is still approximately 6 inches of standing water on Ramp 44.  With a resource closure affecting a portion of the beach between Ramp 43 and Ramp 44, Ramp 44 may be the only access point for those looking to travel to Cape Point at high tide as access has been inconsistent from Ramp 43 to Cape Point at high tide.

The portion of Inside Road between Ramp 44 and the former Ramp 45 remains closed due to significant flooding.  The remainder of Inside Road from the former Ramp 45 (Cape Point Campground) to Ramp 49 is open and free of standing water.
They closed the emergency vehicle access ramp at the Frisco Pier as Ramp 49 no longer has standing water.

Cape Hatteras Notebook: The Witches of Trent Woods

The Cora Tree. Photo by Brigand's Bay Homeowners Association

The Cora Tree. Photo by Brigand’s Bay Homeowners Association

This Halloween morning I woke up at home here in the woods of our village of Frisco to gloomy, gray skies and a biting wind blowing through the trees.  The spooky weather brought to mind the stories of both of the Trent Woods Witches that I grew up hearing about around this time of year. Trent is the original name of the village of Frisco, the change came about when the post office was established about a hundred years ago and there was already a Trent, NC. Locals still call our village Trent.  The woods here are part of the unique maritime forest that Cape Hatteras is blessed to have.  They are a comfort from the winds, shelter from ocean, and full of folklore. One of my favorite storytellers here on Hatteras Island is Daniel Couch of Hatteras Tours.  He can take you all over the island and share these tales with you!

Both stories concern misunderstood women, Polly Poiner and Cora, who lived on the fringes of village society in the 1700’s. They are both probably a variation of the same tale. They are never referred to together or as knowing one another. Or perhaps there were two women who dabbled in the occult or simply got themselves on the bad side of their neighbors.

The most famous story here is the Cora Tree. Cora was accused of bewitching and killing people in town and was taken to be hung from an old oak tree. As the rope dropped, a lightening bolt came down from the heavens and struck the tree. She disappeared. The tree still stands in the neighborhood of Brigand’s Bay.  The full story can be read on the Brigand Bay Homeowners website.

The story of Polly Poiner may have more fact behind it. Polly was accused of killing off her neighbor’s cattle and horses. She denied it but mocked the man who accused her and repeatedly was heard to cackle and laugh at his continued misfortune.  I have heard she spun wool on a spinning wheel and he constantly lost sheep.  On the day the man had had enough, he killed her as she sat working at her wheel.  He was arrested and put on trial for murder, sentenced to hang at the county seat.  For years after, no one could grow crops on the land the murder occurred. And the while the stories of Polly vary, they almost all state that the witch is still a-spinning.  Some see a ghost of her at her wheel, some say a noose spins on the ground. One version is in the book Seaside Specters by Daniel Barefoot and can be read here (click on Dare County). Either way, I do not care to witness it!  I myself spin yarn for knitting and I do believe I will not be spinning on my wheel this Halloween night!

If any of this has any truth to it I am not sure, but what I do know is this. These women have held us spellbound for centuries….by their stories.

Natalie Perry Kavanagh

Cape Hatteras Notebook: Early Duck Season

Duck Hunters get a little taste of a Duck Season in the beginning of October. Yes, it is hot. Yes, it is snaky. Yes, they go anyway. From October 1-4 the mini season runs and it is just enough to get hunters excited about the real deal in the next couple of months.

This week a couple of friends of ours went out to see what might be flying this early and were not disappointed. They chose to hunt up on Bodie Island in the Public Hunt Blinds managed by the Park Service. Getting deep in the woods in the sedge on Hatteras Island is just a little too crowded this early…..crowded by Cottonmouths!

On the first day one friend got a couple of Pintails.



On the next day they shot a couple of Blue Winged Teal.

Blue Winged Teal

Blue Winged Teal

The information for the next season and the limits for Duck Hunting in our area can be found at North Carolina Wildlife Commission’s webpage.

The early season is over for now, but before you know it will start to get cooler outside, then downright cold. The ducks will be flying our way. And the hunters will be delighted!

Natalie Perry Kavanagh

Cape Hatteras Notebook: A Day at the Docks

In 2003 Hurricane Isabel hit the Outer Banks with winds of 105 mph. A few days before landfall Isabel had been as strong as 165 mph.  The intense storm surge slammed into Hatteras Village and tore up businesses, homes, historical buildings, and the landscape.  A year later the village showed it was not a community that gives up on a place by celebrating the livelihood that depends on the very thing that caused so much damage. The sea.

A Day at the Docks has been growing ever since. This year, despite a wet and drizzly day, had one of the largest crowds seen yet. People from all over the island were joined by people from all over the country to celebrate the men and women who work on the water.

There were exhibits on fish species and cooking challenges, crab races and fishing contests, old stories and new music, all throughout the day.  Our own Frisco Sandwich Company won 2nd place for their Seafood Chowder in the Chowder cookoff! It was delicious!

Joe Kavanagh from Frisco Rod and Gun fishes hard for the Kid's Fishing Contest at this year's Day at the Docks!

Joe Kavanagh from Frisco Rod and Gun fishes hard for the Kid’s Fishing Contest at this year’s Day at the Docks!

The kids Dockside Fishing Contest kept the judges busy with over 100 kids angling for top prize.  Families stayed alongside coaching their kids and keeping watch on them. Frisco Rod and Gun’s Joe Kavanagh (age 6) even won a prize for the most Rare Catch by reeling in a Grouper!  The big winners in the contest were Overall/Grand Prize Winner – Heaviest Pinfish 1st place was Ruby Shoemaker, Overall/Grand Prize Winner – Longest Fish 1st Joey Gavetti with a 32” Stingray!

Come join Hatteras Village next September for A Day at the Docks and celebrate life on the water!

Natalie Perry Kavanagh


Cape Hatteras Notebook: In the Neigh-borhood

The first day of Spring was this week and we are all grateful for it!  We are taking advantage of the pretty days to get out and about. More and more signs of warm weather have been popping up around the neighborhood.  This weekend was so nice my Mom, Susie, and I took Joe and the twins for a long walk/stroll.  Joe and his Grammie walked the boardwalk out to check out the ocean at Ramp 49.  He had a great view of the beach and ocean from the top of the dunes.  It was a clear day and you could see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and the Cape Point one way and the old Frisco Pier and Hatteras Village in the other direction. Warm enough for short sleeves! We chatted with fishermen as they were coming off the Ramp and were happy to hear that Puppy Drum were being caught all up and down the Frisco Beach that morning.

Joe takes in the view from the top of the dunes on Frisco Beach

Joe takes in the view from the top of the dunes on Frisco Beach

One day this week as I was driving home from work I spotted a sure sign of Spring for Hatteras Island. The Ospreys have returned! They nest in the maritime forest and fish the waters around us all summer long. I know the warm weather is near when they begin nest building in our neighborhood. I wish them calm winds and happy fishing this summer.


The big news in our “neigh”borhood this week is from our local beach horseback riding stable here in Frisco Village. Equine Adventures announced that the first foal in 20 years was born on Hatteras Island. The little filly was born healthy and is just the sweetest thing! The folks at Equine Adventures have posted on their facebook site asking for name suggestions. Lots of good ones are on there!

New foal born at Equine Adventures this week!

New foal born at Equine Adventures this week!

If you love horses a trail ride with Equine Adventures is a wonderful addition to your vacation. They guide you through the maritime forest out to the beach here in Frisco. Riding horseback alongside the sand dunes and the ocean’s waves is a whole different experience then just walking. After you get back from your long ride, come by the Frisco Rod and Gun/Frisco Market for drinks and snacks!

Sunny days, osprey nest building, and new baby horses! Great week on Hatteras Island! Wish you were here!

Natalie Perry Kavanagh

Cape Hatteras Notebook: Crazy Winter- Snow to Shorts and Back

They say in Hatteras if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change. We have had days of sunglasses and flip flops that have changed to woolen sweaters and snow boots in the space of a day! While we have not gone through the frigid blast that our friends up north have dealt with, we have had an unusually cold winter.  I don’t know why I am surprised though, the trees around here told us it would be a cold winter way back in the fall. I can remember my Great Uncle Curt telling us that you can tell a cold winter is coming by the amount of berries the local Holly and Yaupon trees produce.  And this year I noticed early that they both were putting on show of bright red berries!

Local Holly Tree

Local Holly Tree

We can’t complain though. The puppy drum fishing has been exciting. The snow was a novelty for us. And we have enjoyed sunny and warm days to get out and stretch our legs in between the cold ones. I even got the twins out for a stroll on a few really nice days!

The twins enjoying a warm winter day!

I think I can speak for all of us and say we are looking forward to Spring. And it is on its way on Hatteras Island. My daffodils are starting to emerge from the soil, my apple tree has tiny buds, and one day this week a fat, sassy robin landed on my porch railing and peeked in my window. I assume he was admiring himself in his reflection in the glass, but I would like to think he was there to tell me that warm days are just around the corner. People are thinking Spring too. The National Park Service has announced that Frisco Campground is opening back up on April 18, beach houses are being booked by visitors planning their beach getaways, the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau has its Visitor’s Guide available online now, and Frisco Rod and Gun has been busy getting Spring and Summer things in to get you on the beaches and in the boats! Spring is headed this way, are you?

Natalie Perry Kavanagh