Hatteras Island Fishing Reports

Here is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banks Fishing Report for Hatteras Island.

Today we had cloudy skies in the morning bit clearing up as the day went on. The temperatures were in the lower 80’s and winds were 5-10 mph from the west.

From the beach today there was some great fishing. In Avon there was sea-mullet bluefish and croaker from the beach. From the pier there was spot, croaker, sea-mullet and some albacore caught. In Buxton there was pompano and bluefish biting. Here in Frisco we had bluefish, sea-mullet and pompano caught. Hatteras beach there was puppy drum, bluefish, spot, sea-mullet and pompano caught.

Inshore today the red drum fishing was great with citations being released and keepers brought to the docks.

Offshore today the fishing was good. The wahoo and dolphin, both bailer and gaffers, continue to fill the boxes.

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